Mythos – Gallery Concerts

Mythos - Gallery Concerts

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Mythos – Gallery Concerts
CD, Mellowjet Records, 2009

As Stephan Kaske, aka Mythos, explains in the press sheet, “Gallery Concerts” is a live-recording of a concert performed on August 29th 2009 in the Grugapark in Essen, fully done without the use of laptop computers.

The 53-minute outcome is a fresh and mellow style of electronic music with lots of improvisation and solos, which sees Stephan play flute and electronic bagpipes along a varied range of sounds from vintage synthesizers, sequencers, effect units and even some vocoder.
The interplay between the various sound elements works out nicely, such as the electronic bagpipes and vocoder parts on “Mysticauroraborealis”.

The only minor point on the record is the electronic trumpet improvisation in the final track. It just doesn’t work for me, making things less attractive than the rest.


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