Mythos – Grand Prix

Mythos - Grand Prix

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Mythos – Grand Prix
CD, Sireena Records, 2013

“Grand Prix”, a classic Sky-recording from 1981, is the last album from Stephan Kaske’s 40 Mythos releases that finally sees a re-release on factory-pressed cd.

On the occasion, two previously unreleased bonus tracks have been included. Made with a range of vintage instruments from e.g. PPG, Moog and Crumar, the original 33-minute album focuses on more pronounced, krautrock/psychedelic-influenced sounds. Sure, the use of vocoder and the happy solo voices combined with a vintage drum computer and occasional flute solos create a certain vibe of nostalgia of the hay days of synth-pop and the “man machine” era.

But at the same time, this experiment also ends up mediocre and cliché. I personally can’t stand the use of sax thrown in on some places, and Kaske’s occasional vocals are quite appalling as well. Just listen to “Robot Secret Agents” and you get what I mean.
Nevertheless, the mellow, non-rhythmic and more quiet bonus piece “Mellotron Mystique” closing the album most certainly is a worth a listen.

All in all, I imagine this re-release may just be something for collectors.


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