Mythos – Unabsteigbar!

Mythos - Unabsteigbar!

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Mythos – Unabsteigbar!
CD-R, Mellowjet Records, 2010

Unabsteigbar!” by Stephan Kaske, aka Mythos, is a limited edition EP in a special amaray-case. It contains 44-minutes of groovy music performed live at Em-Breakfast in December 2009 in Bochum, Germany.

The five tracks found here contain all dynamic new music, and sees vocoder fragments interact with beat-driven melodic and rhythmic structures with an occasional tad of the Berliner School style showing up as well.
The sequencer patterns are sometimes prominent, as e.g. on the lively “Em-Breakfast in Bochum”, which shows the typical skills and trademarks of Mythos’ music.

This concert souvenir should please all who liked Mr Kaske’s previous output, but will also be rewarding to all who like accessible and melodic electronics keenly merging elements of contemporary and traditional EM.


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