Nacht Plank – Echo Ark

Nacht Plank - Echo Ark

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Nacht Plank – Echo Ark
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, …txt Recordings, 2014

Nacht Plank, one of the monikers of Lee Anthony Norris, explores the deeper end of the ambient genre. “Echo Arc” is a work of sonic art filled with dense textural landscapes, drones and sustained beats evoking quite a metaphysical mood and feel, while there’s also a psychedelic, surreal and minimalist nod to them.

Best heard with headphones, the continuous morphing drone spheres also feature some liquid flavor occasionally (“Amanita”). In its own way, the outcome is quite demanding, experimental and adventurous, a free form travel inward revealing a spiritual bonding of organic sources and the airy world.

The fluid aural cocoon takes on a hypnotizing shape on the 12-minute title piece, where elements wander upward and spiral down without much effort. Here (and in the following track “Aveyron Veil”) I also sense the most balance and harmony plus a certain connection with the mind-altering, expanding work as of Ishq. Hints of nocturnal space shimmer on the beautiful last take “Autumn Star”, where the immersive trail and soft breathing space meander along lush and most gentle, feeling like a release altogether.

Still, “Echo Arc” is and remains not your usual cup of (ambient) tea, although it’s put together quite intelligently and with various interlocking layers strengthening each other and passing by along the slow evolving journey.



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