Nam-Khar – Sur Chöd

Nam-Khar - Sur Chöd

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Nam-Khar – Sur Chöd
CD,  Winter-Light, 2020

Those who like to immerse in abyssal, long-form and ritualist-dark ambient soundscapes are at the right spot with the full-length “Sur Chöd”, an album following in the footsteps of the 2018-release “Secret Essence / Sangwa Dupa”, also released on Dutch Winter-Light.

Using traditional ethno-acoustic instrumentation paired with isolationist, coldish electronic textures, Tibetan-ish flavors along occasional industrial sound design this German collective weaves a myriad of unsettling, psychedelic, gloomy yet haunting spheres where the presence of something malevolent and foreboding can be sensed constantly.

If neither the aforementioned description nor expansive, resonating soundwaves dressed with a ghostly (under)current put you off, the 61-minute “Sur Chöd” (limited to 300 digipak cds) may be something for you I guess.




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