Nathan Youngblood – Asunder

Nathan Youngblood - Asunder

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Nathan Youngblood – Asunder
CD,, 2007

This the second cd in Steve Roach’s series devoted to bringing high-quality essential cd releases from the deep end of the soundcurrent.

It is composed by one Nathan Youngblood, who got the opportunity to release this non-rhythmic ambient sound dwelling under the wings of this ambient master.

If I’m correct, some fundamentals and framework for this recording were already founded from 2004 and on.
The disc contains six extended tracks, making up 64 minutes of intense soundworlds. They form a tight set of slowly whirling , dense tone zones, assembled from both electronic and acoustic sources.

There’s a distinct feel of remoteness implemented in these gently morphing but overall darkening textures and drone fields as the descent into the unknown goes on.

“Asunder” is a hypnotizing audiophile journey mend for intense listening with head phones for all how love to voyage and linger in the deep end.
Overall production, sonic enhancements and mastering were all done by Steve Roach.



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