Nattefrost – Transformation

Nattefrost - Transformation

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Nattefrost – Transformation
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2008

“Transformation” is the third album on Groove Unlimited by Danish musician Bjørn Jeppesen aka Nattefrost. Clocking at exactly 56 minutes, it offers ten melodic, up-tempo sequencer tracks, with Robert Schröder collaborating on two pieces.

“Decadence” is a great start with deep bass grooves, dynamic sequencing and a positive vibrating, Kraftwerk-like solo on top. I personally think it the best track on the album.
The following tracks of well rendered music contains a certain dance-like feel, synth-pop feel, which isn’t that strange as Bjorn also is part of the synth-pop band Carboneids.

According to the style, “Fields of Infinity” could have been a track from his previous album “Underneath the Nightsky”.
“Destination Nowhere” is another fine piece, featuring almost rattling sequencing that slightly brings Jarre’s “Magnetic Fields” to mind.
I personally feel Robert Schröders guitar-work on “Kopenhaachen” isn’t really that fancy, but the vintage choirs and solo-voice on it are well done.

The tight-knitted sequencer driven “There is a Light” is another highlight, creating a great electronic vibe, after which the album closes more quietly with the warm choirs, textures and mid-sequencing of “A New Direction”.

I have no doubt “Transformation” will be loved by many electronic music fans.


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