Nautic Depths – North Passage

Nautic Depths - North Passage

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Nautic Depths – North Passage
CD-R, Musical Philosophy, 2008

Nautic Depths is a collaboration between Tomas Weiss and Mathias Grassow, whose concept album “North Passage” (their second release if I’m not mistaken) is a tribute to the adventurous life and times of Willem Barentsz and his voyage over the ocean across the Arctic Circle in search of a shorter passage to China.

The music is presented in six uninterrupted, highly cinematic long-form ambient/space tracks, made up of slowly roaming, non-rhythmic and minimal-oriented textures, occasional sustained piano tones and dronescapes.

To enhance its overall expression, airy effects and “Deep Nature Mysticism” were added to the 59-minutes of sonic imagery of underwater landscapes, together creating a remote sounding and rather deep listening experience.
The only weaker track is “Astrolabe”, of which the first half drifts along almost static without anything substantial happening.

The limited edition “North Passage” confirms the label’s aim inviting and leading the listener to immerse himself into the artist’s deeper inner journey.
Nicely done, gentlemen!



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