Nautic Depths – Submental Vol. 1

Nautic Depths - Submental Vol. 1

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Nautic Depths – Submental Vol. 1
CD-R, Private Release, 2012

On their first chapter in the Submental series, ambient duo Thomas Weiss and Mathias Grassow take us on a minimal and deep journey inward.
The 50-minute uninterrupted outcome is a blend of nature soundscapes and expansive, minimal and thick dronescapes morphing along, addressing slightly gothic atmospheres occasionally.

Although the mood kicks off and remains dark during the whole ride, a blissful shimmer airs from the huge inner depths and misty plains explored here that keep evolving slowly as its large mass flows onward.
As such “Submental Vol. 1” makes a recommended recording for ambient-drone aficionados who love to wander beyond and seek immersion within.



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