Navigator – Northern Consequence

Navigator - Northern Consequence

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Navigator – Northern Consequence
CD, Invisible Shadows, 2000

What got here is the debut album by the band Navigator (aka Tony Anderson, Kent Eskildsen and Jens Peschke, presenting their brand of energetic and spiralling electronic music.

The spicy music found on the first half of “Northern Consequence” will be a treat for all who love to listen to sequencer-driven electronics, powerful guitar licks (think RMI-style) plus a melange of vintage and contemporary electronic sounds. To all this, a good dash of classic TD and a sniff of vintage Ashra was thrown in.

On two tracks, the trio got some fine assistance by Tom Coppens and Ruud Heij, who both have the same mind set and approach when it comes to this type of accessible EM. Quite some parts of the music are very loud, improvised and moving fast-forward, which especially applies to the first three tracks (which includes the 18-minute “Off The Rails” that features a lot of screaming guitar).

Fortunately, the remaining three tracks on the recording give the listener a break as these shift gear to a much slower tempo and moodier sphere. I must say I’m more fond of the less up-front sounding, easier-going style explored here.



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