Nebulous – Synthetica III

Nebulous -Synthetica III

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Nebulous – Synthetica III
CD, Private Release, 2000

“Synthetica III” is -according to the musicians site- the official (and final) cd release of Synthetica material, created by the Canadian musician Jared (Nebulous) Brookes. For years, the latter designed and built his own analogue gear, followed by an extensive period of experimentation and sound design, a process in which no Midi nor any Midi sequencers were used.

The outcome is a vibrant and fresh kind of 14 melodic, futuristic soundscapes. These occasionally feature powerfull sequencers but most of all massive and immersive vintage synth pads. The up-tempo “Synthetica” sets the mood of the recording very nicely, while “Trans-Esque” is a straight dedication to the hit “Living on Video” by the Canadian space disco band “Trans-X”.
One other remarkable track is the sadening but beautiful “Robot Requiem” (by Nebulous described as a machine’s lament in the final moments of its life), while a mournful feeling more or less seems to run through the veins of most of the tracks on the album.

The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me are the many very short hidden tracks found at the end, all containing harsh sounding snippets of stuff that is still worked on.

In its own right, the sonically rich sounding “Synthetica III” offers a modern approach towards the retro-sound of the ‘70’s, while “transferring” that feel to something highly cinematic, softly glowing and meaningful.



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