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Nemesis - Gigaherz


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Nemesis – Gigaherz
CD, Origo Sound, 2010

After a long struggle, the definite and official version of “Gigaherz” was released on January 10th, 2010 by Origo Sound.
Initially, only a few pre-release copies of it were made available in 2008 to test the waters for the music.
In addition, the current one is not the same either as the download-only version of SMD, as now tracks have been added, remixed and replaced.

The Nemesis-trio describes “Gigaherz” as a 77-minute musical journey through the evolution of life and mankind up until our present impact on Mother Nature. Inspired by recent environmental changes and is dedicated to the change in global temperature, it tells a story about the Earth in audio format in its own way.

Well, the 15 tracks are a proper example of sophisticated mood electronica, offering a nice blend of immersive and symphonic soundscapes next to ambient-techno oriented stuff. Especially the title track (a favourite live track for many years) has a great up-tempo vibe including tantalizing bass grooves and captivating rhythms.

The 9-part epic audio journey “Evolution Suite” (found in the second half of the album) is a highlight of its own, as it revisits some of the themes previously included in “Evolution”, an early commissioned work for Finnish radio in 1996. The 38-minute suite bridges the gap nicely between imaginary and atmospheric outings while also venturing out into rhythm-driven sonic adventures.

This said, the 77-minute “Gigaherz” (available as factory pressed cd next to high-quality MP3 and lossless FLAC downloads) makes a cool and essential cd on all levels.


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