Nemesis – Living Statues

Nemesis - Living Statues


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Nemesis – Living Statues
CD, Retroduction , 2012

The beautiful designed and exceptionally packaged “Living Statues” is a concept album by the Finnish band Nemesis that was highly inspired by the life and art of Veijo Rönkkönen. To experience the full impact of Rönkkönens strange new world of peace and surrealistic environment, the Finnish band members went to his concrete sculpture and garden park at Parikkala found in the easternmost part of Finland.

The 60-minute outcome, assembled from live music played at the park and studio recordings made later on, is a profound atmospheric, mystical and reflective affair featuring some great sampling, electric sitar and a bit of violin accompanying the electronic soundscapes.

All elements on “Living Statues” paint a beautiful aural landscape where lighter and darker shades drift by along slight melancholic undercurrents and occasional sequenced parts. Moreover, it’s an unusual but profound meditative conversation and a strange fairytale gently unfolding before the mind’s eye. Especially the 15-minute title track, “The World Pole” and the glowing, almost joyful “Airborne” left a lasting impression on me. It all indeed makes an intense headphone listen (as suggested in the liner notes).

All in all, “Living Statues” is an unconventional and unpredictable work nicely complimenting Nemesis uncompromised musicianship. Well done, guys!


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