Neraterrae – Scenes From the Sublime

Neraterrae - Scenes From the Sublime

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Neraterrae – Scenes from the Sublime
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cyclic Law/Liberation through Hearing, 2020

On the 62-minute “Scenes from the Sublime”, Alessio Antoni (aka Neraterrae) continues his journey into haunting worlds of vast, ominous dronescapes.

Coined as an ode to beauty, the unfathomable and the minds capability of channeling the sublime, inspiration came from various art works. Each of the ten tracks, for which the composer again invited a list of participants, is dressed with ritualistic, thunderous passages as well as industrial, desolate, eerie (under)currents. Here, tick, dense and spooky moods unravel before the listener’s ears while cavernous atmospheres appear, dissolve and blacken imminently. Due to lengthy disturbing noises blended with stern, chilling aural attacks I rate it gloomier and harder than Antonio’s previous “The Substance of Perception”.

Not suitable for the faint of heart, give this album a go if you fancy stark, unsettling and dystopian ambient.



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