Neraterrae – The Substance of Perception

Neraterrae - The Substance of Perception

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Neraterrae – The Substance of Perception

Neraterrae is a dark ambient sonic adventure by Italian composer Alessio Antoni. On “The Substance of Perception” he collaborated with some various names in the genre, delivering a highly atmospheric, in-depth aural journey incorporating dense, alienating, melancholic (the masterful “The Wicked Pulse of Conscience” and “Echoing Scars”), haunting yet stark spherics into a 52-minute outcome not suitable for the faint of heart.

It’s not a recording with pinnacle moments while the various collaborations also prevent the imminent netherworlds explored here being cohesive. Aside from that I’m not a fan of slight industrial and abstract flavours (as on “Becoming the Nightmare”, “That Which Shall Not Be Witnessed”, “Beyond”) coming to the surface occasionally as Neraterrae’s massive soundscapes unfold slowly and wash over you.

All in all, “The Substance of Perception” is for those enjoying descending into gloomy caverns, ominous presences, distant worlds and alternate spaces.



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