Neuronium – Chromium Echoes

Neuronium - Chromium Echoes


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Neuronium – Chromium Echoes
CD, Tuxedo Music/Private release, 1982

For me, “Chromium Echoes” is a classic album of Spanish synthesist Michel Huygen, aka Neuronium, who got some great assistance of Carlos Guirao. The sound of this album is warm and profound analogue.

The release offers three moody compositions displaying the beautiful sounds and impact of vintage gear by Korg, Roland and Moog. A great mood is set by the short “Prelude”, featuring a smooth and gentle mix of acoustic guitar and warm synths.

The 14-minute title track starts with a short vocoder introduction, then setting out for a smooth, lightly sequenced but most of all imaginary journey to which a drum box is added and some tasty soloing. This is true and honest cosmic music setting its own mark next to the French and German counterparts Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream/Schulze respectively.

The 18-minute spacious “The Neutron Age” starts out with lots of freeform spherical sound paintings, but halfway mesmerizing sequencers kick in followed by expressive solo voices. At the 13-minute mark, some short vocal sections are introduced, soon followed by the sound of a nuclear blast. The concise finale feels like a warm embrace with its euphoric solo hovering over attractive synth textures.

In 2010, Michel Huygen re-released “Chromium Echoes” as a 32-bit remaster as a so-called ultimate edition release. It contains the same music as the original but got a completely new, futuristic cover.



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