Nigel Stanford – Solar Echoes

Nigel Stanford - Solar Echoes

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Nigel (John) Stanford –  Solar Echoes
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

I imagine listeners who enjoyed Nigel (John) Stanford’s 1999 release “Deep Space” (like me) may have similar expectations of this double album.

First of all “Solar Echoes” isn’t actually not that new as it contains various newly remastered (and re-arranged, altered versions of) tracks from that fine debut album as well as four new compositions. Strange thing though is the gentle mastering and overall lush yet sweeping sound of “Deep Space” has vanished and is now replaced by a harsher, much louder and up-front one becoming exhausting to the ears rather quickly. A positive note on the new, contemporary sounding pieces (“Cymatics” and the opening title piece in particular).

Can’t deny I doubt if the new tracks alone justify purchase of the full album….


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