Nightwalk – Music for Dreamers

Nightwalk - Music for Dreamers

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Nightwalk – Music for Dreamers
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

Nightwalk is Spanish ambient composer Óscar Pereira García, also a member of the rock/pop project Meteoro, who refers to Steven Wilson’s Bass Communion, Max Corbacho, Thom Brennan, Max Richter and Numina as some of his musical influences. His debut “Music for Dreamers” came about in a search for textures for his band Meteoro which proved they could stand on their own during the creative process.

The 78-minute outcome features six tracks of overall static, minimalist-angled soundscapes made up of slow morphing pads backed by some minimalist sequences, sustained beats and soft guitar licks. The 17-minute opener “04:20” takes us into a repetitive, slow evolving aural panorama of soft soaring textures (reminiscent of late ‘70s Schulze), cascading sequences and a soft beat. Deep bass, a static drum/beat, ethereal pads and some guitar bits make up the slightly groovy, chill-out but repetitive soundscape “Endless part 2”, shifting to a tad more active mode on “Endless part 1” but not evolving satisfactory as the previous part. “Sister Midnight” following next proves a strange breed as well with its pronounced sequencer line and jangling guitar bits while being far too long. Fortunately, a change comes next with the 16-minute “Hibernation” that takes a firm step into the deep end. This beautiful morphing ambient drift descends into a dark, alienating netherworld unfolding an expanse of soft glowing soundscapes paired with melancholic-infused spheres dressed by a dense realm of desolation. The (brief) epilogue “Us” transports us back into the light with melodic, cascading piano keys.

Overlooking the full outcome I feel “Music for Dreamers” contains several interesting elements and profound spheres that though need further refining, with “04:20”, “Endless part 2”, and most notably “Hibernation” as the consistent cornerstones.



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