Nirmanakaya – Nirmanakaya

Nirmanakaya - Nirmanakaya

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Nirmanakaya – Nirmanakaya
CD, Gterma, 2011

“And now for something completely different”. That was the first thought I had when I was listening to this awkward mini-recording of the Swedish Gterma label. Like all their releases on the label, it’s accompanied by a lavishly illustrated cd-booklet that proved to be the only good element.

With a playing time of only 37 minutes, this overtly strange release by a young Russian composer offers a peculiar fusion of modern and vintage synthetics merged with sounds of traditional instruments such as sitar and tablas. The energetic outcome though is in-your-face industrial trance spiced up by massive drums, pumping beats and a weird assorted of samples. The techno music even goes berserk on the hardcore “Zone of Estrangement”.

All in all, this mind-boggling and strange audioscape makes a nerving and hard to endure listening experience compared to the other releases on the quality label.



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