Node – Node Live

Node - Node Live

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Node – Node Live

The rare concert that three of the original members of Node assisted by distinguished Hollywood film composer and ambient music designer Mel Wesson gave at London’s Royal College of Music in 2015 offered the audience the unique opportunity to hear the interaction between the musicians happening in real time and how they played off each other.

Playing live also changed slightly how the music came out and compared with the studio versions more driving drums came to the front of the mix at a couple of places. Edits of four tracks from the performance -where they recorded a stereo feed for each player- as well as a bonus piece (an alternative version of the new track recorded at the pre gig rehearsal) have ended up on “Node Live”. The 12-minute “Arrival” found in the centre of the release is almost an interlude with its cool, overall mellow sound design, this contrary to the excellent dynamic exercise “Shinkansen South” with pumping Berlin School sequencers following in its footsteps.

It all makes “Node Live” a fine -but no extraordinary- release. It though is right up you alley when retro TD and improvised vintage electronics along fat analogue sounds tick all boxes for you.



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