Node – Singularity

Node - Singularity

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Node – Singularity


Sure, there’s been lots of talk about this UK quartet, most notably for their same-titled debut from 1994. The 67 minutes of music contained on “Singularity” -all created with analogue synths, modulars, and assorted vintage equipment- is said to be created during the same sessions, presenting an overall electronic-psychedelic, experimental-ish, non-conformist as well as unpolished sound on all six compositions. Dave Bessell refers to the outcome as a bit more of a proto-Berlin techno influence, in the sense that some of the tracks are quite high energy, rhythmic, and stripped down a bit. The last track, the gloomy live-piece “Terminus” (already released on a hard-to-find cd-single back in 1995), is the strongest and most consistent track here to my taste.

It makes up a not-that-easy-to-access type of instrumental electronic music due to its raw nature. But this said, I have no doubt aficionados of the classic Berlin school style will (want to) dig this anyway…


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