Nono Orchestra – Angels Breakin’

Nono Orchestra - Angels Breakin'

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Nono Orchestra – Angels Breakin’
CD, Aurora/Amplexus, 1999

Nono Orchestra is an ambient project by Klaus Wiese, Mani Reisser and Rick Rummler, of which “Angels breakin” is their second release.

As the cover explains, the central idea behind Nono Orchestra is to create abstract soundscapes with newly constructed natural instruments, which in this case are a huge steel cello (Wolfram Spyra also got one), a bow chime and a glass harp, all on which singing bowl-like background textures are made.

Made up of three pieces (the title track spanning almost half an hour), the music is a minimal, slow morphing soundscape vehicle showing “the full range of possible expression of sounds”, which ranges from soft whistles to cello drone-scapes and almost screaming sonics.

Only those enjoying the experimental touch of natural sound sculptures might find something of their liking here.

P.S. this a limited release of 500 copies.



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