Nord – Berlin

Nord - Berlin

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Nord – Berlin
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

Now here’s a guy from Romania, Sztakics István Attila aka Nord, who has composed a fine album of Berliner School inspired EM with an occasional dash of the symphonic.

“Berlin” clocks at 1,5 hours of music, featuring upfront sequencing and quite a bunch of tweaked solo voices and sound effects. His approach is a bit bolt, even too minimalist and unpolished occasionally, but when he kicks in some broader textures and proper solo voice (“Berlin II”) or a bit of Theremin (“Berlin III”) the outcome really starts to grow.

The upfront sound takes a step back on the moody “Berlin V” and “Berlin VI”, where more subtle -but still minimal- sequencings and slow rhythm lead the way, accompanied by mellow textural pads and an occasional solo-improv (of which the sax in “VI” is not a good choice in my opinion).The first half of the almost 14-minute “My Silent Agony” puts a nice spherical, symphonic ending to “Berlin”, followed by a very standard rhythm and light solo.

The music would benefit from some work on the production/mastering side (to make the outcome sound more open and transparent) and a bit shorter, more varied compositions.



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