Norman Rose – Space Trails

Norman Rose - Space Trails

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Norman Rose – Space Trails
CD-R, Touch the Light, 2002

The album “Space Trails” by California-based synthesist Norman Rose belongs to the list of authentic electronic space music, combining warm and inviting sounds with a sense of melodrama and a few symphonic hints.

The 12 cosmic tone poems on the album all evoke this dreamy but also romantic imagery when when looks up to the night sky, only one giant step away from dark and mysterious worlds beyond. Norman’s compositions are melodic and soothing blankets of sound, at times incorporating a human, smoothening and serene touch that some may find kind of New Age.

Nonetheless, “Space Trails” can be classified next to the output of David Lange, Mark Dwane, Constance Demby, Mychael Danna and Mark Mercury, though making its own intimate journey through the wide open and vast spaces of the galaxy.
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