Northcore – Desatero

Northcore - Desatero


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Northcore – Desatero
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music/OE3, 2012

Northcore is the UK-duo Carl Gibbons and Jana Tillotson, who compose impressionistic, alternative electronics with an organic and chill-out edge. “Desatero” contains ten intriguing tracks (half of them have vocals) offering an unusual but exciting blend of contemporary electronica.

Its 41-minute peculiar sonic canvas blends ethno-ambient with down-tempo, experimental electronics and many multi-coloured flavours from world music. All pieces, a few are based on traditional songs or rhymes, tell a sensuous narrative of their own, and form an imaginative, alternate world of mystery with neo-gothic undercurrents.

The project also excels in extensively implementing found sounds and environmental recordings in their psychedelic, unpredictable compositions, all leading to a highly spacious, detailed and excellently mastered sound design. Personal favourites are the joyful opening piece “Looking Glass” that’s followed by the down-tempo oriented, TD-ish “Jupiter”. In addition, there’s the fascinating and powerful “Nocturne”, the smooth “Ladybird” and the energetic “Green Fridge”, while “Metronome” (found towards the end) stands out due to the awesome blend of female and male vocals.

To imagine the inspired and rather dreamy wonderland found on “Desatero”, think Biosphere mixed with a dash of Dead Can Dance and a good portion of Pete Namlook, rounded out with a flair of Celtic music.

Just give this peculiar, excellently produced release several spins (heard with a good pair of headphones makes it even more impressive) and one can only conclude it contains some remarkable, high-quality music hard to classify.
Nice going, Carl and Jana.


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