Nothing But Noise – Berlin to Brussel

Nothing But Noise - Berlin to Brussel

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Nothing But Noise – Berlin to Brussel
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, DB2fluctuation, 2019

On the 3-track/43-minute “Berlin To Brussel” Dirk Bergen and Daniel Bressanutti offer their listeners Berlin School-inspired electronics spiced with a few quirky hooks and slight experimental twists. The darker-infused soundscape passages on the 20-minute “Berlin” and 17-minute “Brussel” both feature a psychedelic, astral feel next to deep vibrating frequencies (a Bressanutti “trademark”) and the upfront sounding minimal-sequenced parts found in the first or second half of each track. The nearly 6-minute “eXprmnt 4 2”, the album closer, spreads a lighter, almost jolly aura in its first 3 minutes before treated sequences kick in.

All in all, “Berlin To Brussel” makes a nice addition to the NbN catalogue and is recommended to those who prefer contemporary electronics with an adventurous as well as retro vibe.


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