Nothing but Noise – eXistence Oscillation Past

Nothing but Noise - eXistence Oscillation Past

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Nothing but Noise – eXistence Oscillation Past

The Belgian Wool-E label has coined Belgian NeuMusik (Belgian ambient, Berlin School and other experimental-instrumental EM) to label Nothing but Noise’s album “eXistence Oscillation Past”, the first part of a brand new series.

The intense aural journey of five long tracks, ranging from sequenced ambient to industrial sounding soundscapes, mostly came to life from challenges Daniel B. and Dirk Bergen set themselves or accidents simply happening in the creative process.

The result is a 49-minute collection of progressive, peculiar, energizing and even weird soundscape electronics with various psychedelic flavors and an in-your-face sound. “Monochrome Deux” was born from an accidental synth bass/delay relation presenting a great, fat sound. On “Manoeuvres Mécanique” the duo wanted to construct a piece by taking short live synth loops in a stereo delay and use it to build up a song while the 15-minute “eXistence Oscillation” uses a similar approach though without looping ending up in stark abstract electronics with various quirky sound experiments kicking in. And there’s the final piece “Dust”, created as part of an experiment in physical modeling synthesis and fake classical sound. It’s quite a blast with the addition of glitches, distortion and artifacts.

Check out “eXistence Oscillation Past” if you’re looking for something challenging, awkward, adventurous and apparently without limits.


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