Nothing But Noise – eXistence Oscillation (possible) Future

Nothing But Noise - eXistence Oscillation (possible) Future

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Nothing but Noise – eXistence Oscillation (possible) Future
CD/USB-Stick, Private Release, 2018

As was the case with their two previous releases in the eXistence Oscillation trilogy, this third chapter steps out of the ordinary once more, pushing the boundaries as it wanders into the terrain of stark, minimalist and daring vintage electronics.

For “eXistence Oscillation (possible) Future”, the duo Dirk Bergen and Daniel Bressanutti has come up with an unpredictable, intense sounding outcome of four lengthy tracks featuring various edgy, psychedelic and experimental edges during through its 71-minute duration. Dressed with catchy percussion and thick sequencing, there’s a rather dark haze running through the strange mix of ambient, Berlin School and cinematic elements that these boys fire off. One though can perceive a lighter, more accessible sonic approach on the major part of the 25-minute “Gott Der Götter” and “Der Himmel über”.

Like the previous two recordings these challenging, industrial-infused aural trips will appeal to adventurous listeners willing to go all the way, I reckon.


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