Nothing but Noise – eXistence Oscillation PrEsent

Nothing but Noise - eXistence Oscillation PrEsent

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Nothing but Noise – eXistence Oscillation PrEsent

Whereas “eXistence Oscillation pAst” contained music created in the three years after the duo’s fine debut “Not Bleeding Red”, the 48-minute “eXistence Oscillation prEsent” offers all new material written and produced by Dirk Bergen and Daniel Bressanutti.

From the start it’s clear the outcome builds stronger on the already set out course of rhythmic yet skillfully sequenced electronic ambient. The progressive, non-melodic but still also vintage-driven and rather complex electronics featured on the five tracks is quite a versatile blast of energy pushing things onward with openers “diSchotomy” and “121212”. These pave the way in somewhat classic Node-style along various interesting turns and twist during the ride.

Contrary to that “Ostinato” reveals more classical-flavored, minimalist tendencies, but the 9-minute “Prophecy” shifts back a bit into the aformentioned style with mesmerizing, minimal sequencing and a more psychedelic-flavored second half. “Torch”, the final track, adds an industrial/abstract touch to the stark, adventurous analogue sounddesign. In all challenging electronics that dare to be different.


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