Nothing But Noise – Mutanten Maschine

Nothing But Noise - Mutanten Maschine

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Nothing But Noise – Mutanten Maschine
CD/USB-Stick/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, DB2fluctuation, 2018

This release saw the light of day previously on cassette-tape and on self-released USB-stick before it landed on silver disc, the latter containing one bonus piece. Stark, progressive and deep vibrating electronics remain on the menu on “Mutanten Maschine” along controlled industrial touches flashing by in the darker-shaded, sequenced, gentle pulsating as well as soundscape instrumentals. The previously unreleased “Rückmutation” rounding out the 42-minute release is an alternative version of one of the tracks of the original release and is added as bonus to the cd-edition. Don’t hesitate getting a copy of this one if NbN’s “Berlin To Brussel” was up your alley.


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