Nothing but Noise vs Prothese – MusicForMutedTV 2

Nothing but Noise vs Prothese - MusicForMutedTV 2

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Nothing but Noise vs Prothese – MusicForMutedTV 2
MC, Wool-E Tapes, 2016

Here’s something stepping quite of the ordinary, presenting its own version of intense, adventurous and progressive krautrock electronics.
This time around, Nothing but Noise, aka Daniel Bressanutti (Daniel B. of Front 242-fame but also known as Prothese), Dirk Bergen (one of the first Front 242-members) and Erwin Jardot present a more daring and twisted kaleidoscope of vintage sounds.

The adventurous yet strange approach and synthetic sound design of “MusicForMutedTV 2” (mc + download code) makes one think of the UK-collective Node, though the first three tracks integrate far more electronic weirdness and experiment as bits of stark-noise and psychedelic perfumes are thrown in.

The remaining three pieces are more accessible, a sonic collage with a cinematic edge sticking to the surreal and dark. “Octopusdream”, the most accessible track of all, rounds out the recording with its sequenced, contemporary though still twisted electronics in TD-oriented style. The limited-edition cassette is gone by now, but the music is still available on Bandcamp.


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