Numina & Caul – Inside the Hollow Realm

Numina & Caul - Inside the Hollow Realm

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Numina & Caul – Inside the Hollow Realm
CD, Gestalt Records, 2004

The first impression I got from this collaborative recording is that it seems to move in some of the same beautiful realms which made Numina’s solo-album “Sanctuary of Dreams” stand out.

On the other hand, at times it also breathes a more clouded, darker, and foreboding nature which must be the signature of Caul, aka Brett Smith, as I recall Numina’s sound to be more ethereal. Next comes the addition of some nice rhythmic elements, which add a good vibe to this type of spacious music.

The aural world of this rather deep tapping record is one of constant unfolding and change as the listening time progresses. The second section starts rather disquieting and restless, as it enters the strange, uneasy world of music I know from the Foundry label.
“Inside the Hollow Realm” is not an easy record, but one for those who cherish the dark shades of twilight.


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