Numina – Collection of Dimensions

Numina - Collection of Dimensions

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Numina – Collection of Dimensions

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

After a hiatus of some six years, Jesse Sola aka Numina brings the Em-community “Collection of Dimensions”, an 8-track/62-minute dark-ambient and melodic space-music excursion to different dimensions. First some insight into the process that would end up being “Collection of Dimensions”: over the past few years since the release of “The Chroma Plateau”, whenever Mr. Sola had the right headspace, he would spend time in the studio working on programming and sound design with several hardware synthesizers and effects including a lot of time with sound design on a Eurorack modular system which is an endless source for sonic exploration. With the nature of working with modular, sounds can change with very minor tweaks so when everything sounded right, he would record these moments and archive them away to explore at a later time. Eventually, Jesse realized he accumulated several hours of these complex modular sounds but struggled with when to shift gears into the process of mixing and mastering tracks into songs – until this year. So over the Summer months of 2023, the composer sat down and recorded additional new material, mixed, remixed, and mastered new music for what would become “Collection of Dimensions”.

As such, the sonic characteristics of the album are an evolution of classic Numina music with dark-ambient, droney soundscapes, and subtle melodies. At various points and passages, (like on the immersive, free-floating opener “Gathering of the Dimension Collectors”) Numina’s music drifts into ethereal realms but also touches ground on an immersive (such as “Biosphere Zero”, “Protoplanet Spectrum”, “Planes of Existence”) or rather contemplative level (“Tethered to the Ether”). I for one think it all makes very pleasant, well-rendered atmospheric (headphone) music.


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