Numina – Dreamsleep

Numina - Dreamsleep

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Numina – Dreamsleep
CD-R, Private Release, 2000

The title of this album may suggest tranquil and relaxed music from start to end, but the start proves much more active and upfront sounding. “Dreamsleep” features 13 ambient tracks, kicking off with two pieces containing quite loud and heavy drums paired with layered soundscapes and ethereal pads.

The next few tracks see a shift to symphonic, slightly gothic flavoured pieces where meaty, synthetic and minimalist rhythms keep playing an important role. Things change from the 8-minute “Beyond Infinity”, as the music ventures into much calmer and more atmospheric-based territory (a style I prefer most) from there. Introspection, gentle drift and imagination rule on “The face in the dark dream” and “A distant gaze then silence”, while a scent of Harold Budd piano can be noticed on “Asleep before the end of the story”. Melancholy creeps in on the soft wavering “The Moment before The glass shattered” that puts an ending to the release.

“Dreamsleep” as whole though puzzles me due to the discrepancy of and the connection between the first and (much stronger) second half.


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