Numina – Live at the Inner Sanctum

Numina - Live at the Inner Sanctum


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Numina – Live at the Inner Sanctum
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

Jesse Sola, a.k.a. Numina, recorded this impressive live-document at the Inner Sanctum in Denver, Colorado on Mai 31 2003, and while listening I would have loved I had been there.

The cd contains eight extensive tracks but works for me best as one single track, as it is a lengthy and slowly shifting voyage into vast ambient soundworlds. Jesse takes us into another chapter of deep introspection, while treating his electronic devices with magic.

Soft wavering synth-washes lead the way into light and more shadowed places, a delicate and serene drift with faint minimal elements. Numina’s efforts work as a time machine, as time and place seem to disappear for a while.
Next to the overall textures there’s some notable tribal percussion in track 5 and 7. The album beautifully fades away at the end into transparent, ethereal realms.

Due to cd-r quality there are a few murmurs and glitches heard here and there, but this doesn’t prevent this disc being an absolute must-have for all those electronic music fans out there looking for another gem in the genre of soundscape ambient music.


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