Numina – Shift to the Ghost

Numina - Shift to the Ghost

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Numina – Shift to the Ghost
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2006

With “Shift to the Ghost”, Numina, aka Jesse Sola, brings us a one long form piece of carefully shaped and sculptured ambient music, which is subdivided in seven tracks.

Free form, slow morphing, nicely layered space textures set out for a deep ambient exploration, which cocoons the listener like a warm blanket. On only a few passages, some distinct sequencing and rhythms show up, but for the most part, the haunting music roams in reflection and in the deep end of things. “Light Travelling” even has a highly uplifting effect as the choir sounds fade in.

This is very well crafted and produced ambient/space music which pulls you inside a subconscious level, making your mind journey on and on.
“Shift to the Ghost” certainly is very fine piece of work, especially fans of Steve Roach will love it.


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