Numina – Subterranean Landscapes

Numina - Subterranean Landscapes

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Numina – Subterranean Landscapes
CD, Numina Music, 2011

Jesse Sola’s “Subterranean Landscapes” (inspired by the alien landscapes of the American desert Southwest) is a project of dark-oriented and longform ambient dronescapes, presented in seven imaginative tracks.

While ambient musicians Biff Johnson and Nathan Youngblood join Jesse’s work on three separate tracks individually, the whole body of work roams in shadows. It’s an imaginative, soft breathing and slow drifting space of ambience meant for deeper listening.

Next to its spatial sound, at times there’s also a strong organic element running underneath and shining through Numina’s fine crafted, overall mysterious music of textural pads. Of all pieces, I espcially like the deep vibe created by “A Deep Sense”.
As an extra, Jesse has made a video for the track “Resurrection of the Stone Giant”, which can be found online.

“Subterranean Landscapes” is most certainly recommended when you’re into deep electronic ambient with an occasional tribal touch, following the trademark of Steve Roach.


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