Numina – Symbiotic Spaces

Numina - Symbiotic Spaces


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Numina – Symbiotic Spaces
CD, Gestalt Records, 2007

In my opinion, Numina (aka Jesse Sola) has always been a rather extraordinary ambient musician composing delicately crafted ambient space music.

The beautifully designed “Symbiotic Spaces” is a double-cd containing rare and unreleased tracks from 2000 till 2007, featuring music of which I’m more than happy it’s now available.
Listening to this album puts you in another state of mind as it takes you “out there”, transforming rather melancholic feelings (as e.g. heard on “December Sky”) into carefully sculptured textures, sometimes accompanied by well chosen rhythms.
“Aleph Zero” is more rhythm-oriented track with swirling, hypnotizing soundscapes while “Dronecoil” drifts into quiet, deeper sonic landscapes before ending up in the surrealistic soundscape world of “Cells” with its cyclic rhythm structure.

The second disc offers another 70 minutes of fine tracks which fit the same description, but sometimes moving into a bit more darker, denser landscapes.

In all, Jesse’s ambient excursions on “Symbiotic Spaces” are deep, highly cinematic outings which also work very well through headphones.
Definitely value for money & by all means highly recommended to any ambient fan!


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