Numina – The Chroma Plateau

Numina - The Chroma Plateau

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Numina – The Chroma Plateau
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2018

Numina’s “The Chroma Plateau” required a long-term recording process, taking US-composer Jesse Sola about two years to work on. Because of this lengthy process, there are a lot of mixed moments of inspiration, influence and emotion. As there is no particular theme or concept behind the music, Jesse likes to think of the recording as pieces of work at various “plateaus” of thought and emotion.

Production-wise, Mr Sola took a similar approach to the sound design and recording process done for several years. However, one big difference on “The Chroma Plateau” is he had added more tools to his Eurorack modular system since the former album, so there’s a fair amount of complex modular drones and sequences going on throughout the whole ambient album. Quite a bit of time was also spend on sound design, patching in drones and sequences, let them evolve over time and getting them right eventually.

The 70-minute outcome taps into a haunting world of exploration as it journeys through ethereal spaces (“Intergalatic Traveller”, “Mosaic of Whispers”, “When the Sea Disappears from me”) and mysterious organic-flavored netherworlds (“Where All the Creatures Are Dreaming”, “Sky Descender”, “Living in the Clouds”). The otherworldly, remote and surreal are addressed firmly in Numina’s vast and minimalist ambient unleashing introspective far-away states of mind step by step, with a great sense of release found on the (closing) title track.

To sum it up, “The Chroma Plateau” is for all ambient fans enjoying traveling into the deeper end without things becoming too dark or abstract.


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