Numina – The Haunting Silence

Numina - The Haunting Silence

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Numina – The Haunting Silence

Around 2000 at the start of his musical career, Jesse Sola (aka Numina) created a couple of albums featuring deep evolving and freeform ambient ranging from mysterious to ethereal and melancholic-angled spheres.

The nearly 75-minute “The Haunting Silence” is one of them, mostly filled with rather gentle morphing textural sound design with an occasional sidestep tapping into a deeper, haunting netherworld. Opener “Sothis”, “Searching Above for Reasoning” with its tribal rhythm) and “Unfolding the Soul” and “Canicula” (Brighten) belong to the latter style while pieces like “Elsewhere and here”, “A Silent Haunting” morph into the ethereal outdoors.

The 2005 re-release (featured here) of the album contains two bonus tracks: “Etherform” and “A Silent Haunting” (original version).


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