Numina – Through the Gate to Nowhere

Numina - Through the Gate to Nowhere

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Numina – Through the Gate to Nowhere
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Relaxed Machinery, 2015

The continuous music contained on this evocative ambient recording is the culmination of material recorded over a two year timeframe, in which it was securely molded and shaped under the influenced of many events, introspective moments and emotion happening in the life of Jesse Sola, aka Numina.

Like his previous output, has become an intense and highly cinematic sonic journey, giving a voice to what Mr Sola refers to as music that lent itself to the mysteries of nature while also linking to the scenery of the lush green landscape of Europe and England.

Besides its profound resonating and distinct subterranean nature, both organic and granular scents take strong position in the darkening, ethereal, mysterious and textural worlds meticulously morphing along here. With only intensive drift on the previous pieces, a minimal tribal rhythm surfaces on the rather ghostly-angled “Furrowed Transitions”.
It takes until the celestial and mesmerizing “Amidst the Mist” and “In Our Absence” (the last pieces of the release) before the darker realm dissolves and is replaced by gentle and lush morphing soundscapes. What a stellar pieces with mesmerizing sound design these make and expert conclusion to this true aural sensation.

“Through the Gate of Nowhere” makes up Numina’s deepest, enigmatic and intense sound excursion to date by far, which sonically could line up occasionally next to some releases of the dark ambient Malignant label.


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