Numina & Zero Ohms – Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds

Numina & Zero Ohms - Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds

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Numina & Zero Ohms – Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2015

“Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds” is the first full-length collaboration of Jesse Sola (aka Numina) and Richard J. Roberts (aka Zero Ohms) which sees both composers journey into the wonders and depths of the galaxy.

The five-track/59-minute recording features textural chord and drone progressions with a quite majestic and slight neo-classical touch. The drifting, gentle evolving sound waves create highly cinematic and ethereal/harmonic atmosphere, an unhurried sonic slumber of Richard’s acoustic wind-instrument tonalities along Jesse’s fine synth tapestries. Darker, more mysterious and dense realms are only addressed on the captivating “Night of the Falling Planets” where it seems all spheres start to breath.

Besides on this take, the outcome is also most pleasing on star trails of the lush title track which evokes grand cosmic vistas before the mind’s eye easily. The same applies to the final piece, the 18-minute “Of an uncertain Mythos”, where all celestial elements gel and melt meticulously to mesmerizing, in-depth effect. This beautiful, highly introspective piece with nicely implemented environmental sounds simply reflects a state of total immersion. As such it’s the highlight of this recommended space music release.

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