O-Head – Steps Across the Cortex

O-Head - Steps Across the Cortex

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O-Head – Steps Across the Cortex
CD, Centaur Discs, 2005

“Steps across the Cortex” is the second album by English musician David Hendry, who hereby steps forward with a nice album of powerful contemporary electronics complimented with a good dash of vintage sounds.

Firmly rooted in the typical sound of English electronic music, this more than once can be categorized as power deep space music due to the use of straightforward sequences, full-force sound effects and powerful solos, mostly derived from Roland gear.

These elements really come to blossom on the 13-minute “The Loneliness of the Deep Space Traveller”, which starts out as a mellow outer space outfit before transforming into a great trance/dance outing with strong bass lines and drums.
This style is nicely continued on “Oracle Eye” (with upbeat drums and an accelerating tempo which both remind of Ron Boots) and “Delta Ceiphi” (which contains some nice solo guitar by Simon Williams).

The album closes with the less strong and cohesive sounding 26-minute “Colours Become Shapes”. As the piece progresses, David more and more loses himself in an orgy of repeating structures and prominent solo sounds, while (desperately?) searching for an appropriate exit.

So with the exception of this last piece, “Steps across the Cortex” makes a nice listen for those who like modern, progressive and spaced-out electronic music with a powerful signature.



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