Oar – Adrift

Oar - Adrift


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Oar  – Adrift

Oar is a side-project by Norwegian artist Odd Jensen, who was released previously under the Havdis moniker. Havdis’ music was inspired by nature and the sea as well as the sound/silence surrounding the composer at his home at the arctic coast of Norway’s Nordland. That inspiration also applies to Oar’s darker-flavored spatial ambient soundings in an even more profound sense, where darkness stands for the man-made threats to both climate and nature that have brought things to a limit.

The eight luminous soundscape tracks -making up a continuous flow- on “Adrift” are calm and deep as they paint vast, infinite horizons. As such they fit the bill perfectly of the label’s ambient nocturnal advisory: fading into the mist. Exception pieces are the serene “Coral Sculpture” and “Drifting in a shallow bay” beyond the ethereal “Skarvsteinen” as well as the haunting spherics of “The Night at the end of the Light” and “The Lookout”. The latter two travel along a bit darker aquatic currents. Overall, these are expertly mastered, beautifully accomplished textural landscapes lasting for nearly 80-minutes creating breathtaking, in-depth atmospheres. Headphone listening is highly recommended.

Website: gterma.bandcamp.com


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