Odyssey & Remote Spaces – Ypsilon Project

Odyssey & Remote Spaces - Ypsilon Project

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Odyssey & Remote Spaces – Ypsilon Project
CD, Generator.pl, 2010

The music on this album is made by Tomasz Pauszek (aka Odyssey) and the duo Konrad Jakrzewski & Krysztof Rzeznicki (aka Remote Spaces), of which I heard more years in the previous years. The outcome which makes up “Ypsilon Project” was composed during live sessions by the three musicians in September 2002.

The 76-minutes of music has a vibrant and warm flavour. Its overall atmosphere more or less hails back to the electronic music made at the start of the ’80’s when technology slowly but surely stepped in bit by bit.

Just have a listen to the smooth and relaxed mood created on the 12-minute “Sequence Space”, followed by the dynamic electronic rock-pop and up-tempo sequencing of “Busy City” to get a picture of what the albums music is all about.

All in all, “Ypsilon Project” is somewhat of a cross-over of Jarre, Kraftwerk and even TD.
Nicely done, guys!

Website: www.generator.pl

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