Odyssey – X – Space Odyssey

Odyssey - X - Space Odyssey

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Odyssey – X – Space Odyssey
CD, Generator.pl, 2009

Tomasz Pauszek describes this album as a “mixture of “fine-tuned” sequential electronics, organic ambient music and dynamic electronic rock-pop”. Well, with “X – Space Odyssey”, Generator.PL bring us a second release of this Polish musician in one year, which comes as a double album featuring tracks recorded between 2006 and 2009.

The music, dedicated to the exploration of space and the human mind, is a rhythmic, overall moody and chill-out ambient outing, which occasionally shows influences in sound and sequencing of Jean Michel Jarre. Just listen to tracks such as “Bringing the Light” or “The Sentinel”, and one can’t miss a certain resemblance with Jarre’s “Band in the Rain” or the realm of his album “Magnetic Fields”.

The second disc starts rather chaotic and searching, but fortunately ends up in the nice harmonic, ethereal spaces of “L’eau”. The Kraftwerkian rhythms of “Rotation of Time” shift things into dynamic mode, followed by the far too easy and simplistic sounding “Galileo”. This one-dimensional, uninspired impression continues on the following tracks, making things less attractive beside lacking a proper focus, although things slightly improve a bit toward the end.

This release would have been better off when it had been a one-disc release, sticking to the first cd. Now, the second pointless disc makes it go flat on its back.

Website: tomaszpauszek.bandcamp.com

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