Off The Sky – Gently Down The Stream

Off The Sky - Gently Down The Stream

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Off The Sky – Gently Down The Stream
CD, DataBloem, 2005

This is my first encounter with the music of the South California-based Off the Sky, aka Jason Corder. He’s one of the new protégées on the Databloem label of which this is his sixth album.

The twelve tracks on this minimal sculptured (at times) album consist of intimate and quiet ambient music in which a lot of samples sounds, bass pulses, tiny clicks and effects are featured next to processed trumpet and vocals.
I personally like the free floating nature of tracks like “Agonic Drift” and “Floating Point”, although the latter also has a slight experimental edge.

Overall, I would categorize this as alternative ambient music to chill to, although one should like Off the Sky’s constant evolving glitchy & sophisticated rhythmic ambient approach.



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