Ogre – Murals

Ogre - Murals

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Ogre – Murals
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD/MC, Private Release, 2017

UK composer, producer and synthesist Robin Ogden, aka Ogre, performed and captured the 30-minutes of music on “Murals” all in one take.

Imminent from the start is the imaginary soundtrack flavor as well as a fascinating mysterious current found in two 15-minute long tracks, sonically staying close to spaced-out 1970s vintage electronics.
Things gets even better as the music unfolds as this guy is capable of merging TD’s OST “Sorcerer” with various elements of that band’s studio albums “Ricochet”, “Rubycon” and “Phaedra” to exciting effect. An attractive mix of pumping sequences and melodic hints will please the listener on both parts from start till finish.
Nice going Mr Ogden.

Website: ogresound.bandcamp.com


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