Ok Ikumi – Alpine Sequences

Ok Ikumi - Alpine Sequences

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Ok Ikumi – Alpine Sequences

“Alpine Sequences” by Utah artist Ok Ikumi (aka Karl Jørgensen) is a collection of 12 short and simple ambient recordings. The latter are inspired by Utah geography and are built around procedurally generated and repeating sequences and looping melodies.

The outcome is lush and spacious but also rather experimental. One must simply like the overall driving repetitive nature of these contemporary electronics (that can really get on your nerves) creating rather subtle moods and atmospheres.

This said, I imagine this recording certainly won’t be everybody’s cup of tea within the ambient genre, although it’s well made, dares to stand out and sound different.

“Alpine Sequences” is released in cassette & digital format via Bandcamp & Hel Audio.

Website: www.helaudio.org


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