Ololiuqui – Other Side of Odra

Ololiuqui - Other Side of Odra

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Ololiuqui – Other Side of Odra
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2007

The beautiful designed “Other Side of Odra” contains a live recording from Ololiuqui, aka the German musician Volker König, at the Ricochet Gathering Poland 2004.
The album was released in February 2007 as a limited edition of 300 copies.

The music is a sort of psychedelic trance music, which blends minimal German electro, techno and down tempo elements with fx’s.

To me, the outcome at times sounds rather one dimensional and monotone, although the tracks “Backline”, “Beautiful” (with its Kraftwerkian e-percussion) or “Djara” create a much nicer lush, rhythmic atmosphere compared to the other pieces.

Overall, this is no really my cup of tea, but still a recording for all those who like to step out and seek something different.

Website: www.ololiuqui.de


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